The big story about love, courage,
and The Wall -
the biggest piece of art in Europe.

In 1986, the largest work of art in Europe, the Wall of Memory, was illegally destroyed in Kyiv, and along with it, the names of its two authors, Ada Rybachuk and Volodymyr Melnichenko, were erased from the history of art. For many years this story has been kept in the strictest confidence and is known only to a narrow circle of the creative elite.

All attempts by the authors to achieve justice and to be heard only lead to even greater resistance from the authorities against them. Their names are gradually crossed out under all major works, from the lists of Ukrainian artists, and to top it off, in 2004, their studio was illegally written off and tried to be taken away.
This incident leaves a final imprint on Ada's health, and with the words “I can no longer be in this circular lie, probably, I will leave you alone, perhaps you alone will be able to do what we both failed to do” - Ada dies.

For 8 years, the film crew has been watching how this story develops, the courage of Vladimir, who, despite his old age and other difficulties, continues his struggle, in the name of Ada and their joint creativity, and how he, as a result, with the participation of a new generation , achieves colossal results.

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