Tonka - Kyevytsya

music video, 2021, Kyiv

“To be yourself is to be beautiful. Such people were called Kievitsa, when they saw the magic of the look and power, they bowed to them and carried them in their arms. Such were forgotten and resurrected in songs”

Director/Editor - Alina Matochkina
DOP - Vlad Penkov
Choreo/dancer - Olena Meshcheriakova
Style - Iris Laricheva
Clothes - AMG brand
Makeup artist - Olga Chornovol
1AC - Ksenia Gordiash
Focuspuller - Nikita Znak
Lightgirl - Darya Penkova
Color - Kostyantyn Lishchyna
Big thanks to Tvlab production tvlab
Music label - Masterskaya

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